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"Napco shows up when they should, does the job and leaves as if they never were there. The only difference is you have a lovely new paint job. We have used them for five years for our home and will use them again."
- Mr. & Mrs. Brady

Why Us

Excellence is our standard!

When you select Napco Painting Contractors you get:

  • Premium grade material
  • Proper surface preparation
  • Highly skilled painters
  • Excellent quality workmanship
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Longer lasting finished product

Does premium quality affect the price?

The simple  truth about painting quality is:

  • Premium grade materials cost more than standard grade materials
  • Extra time to protect your valuables / property requires more time and labor dollars
  • Proper surface preparation requires more time and labor dollars

These facts tell you a premium quality job should cost more than the average price. Unlike some painters who use "inner feeling" to generate a price, we at Napco use a calculated method. Based on over 25 years experience in the field, we are able to calculate the necessary labor and materials which reflects an accurate price for the quality of work being performed. 

Let's face it, one of the worst situations that would occur would be a painting contractor not charging enough for the project. When a painting contractor does not charge enough, they usually try  to make a profit by cutting corners. That is why you can be confident that the price you receive from Napco is the right price. It is based on the facts of actual costs to ensure the customer receives a premium quality service which you deserve. That is why we at Napco can truthfully say we are one of the few painting contractors that offer painting quality for the right price!